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There Is Hope for Your Teen

Get adolescent substance abuse treatment in Charlotte, Shelby, or Concord, NC

Is your teenage child struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol?

Epiphany Family Services, LLC offers intensive outpatient treatment programs (IOPs) for adolescents between 10 and 19 years of age. We provide education and guidance for teens and their parents or guardians. Our goals are to:

Help adolescents achieve abstinence from addictive substances.
Provide parents and adolescents with the tools needed for a successful and sustained recovery.
Strengthen the family system.

The adolescent substance abuse programs offered by Epiphany Family Services are distinct from those offered to adults. We want our therapy options to reflect the unique needs of the younger population.

Sign your teen up for outpatient treatment in Charlotte, Shelby, or Concord, NC

In addition to our standard programs, Epiphany Family Services offers substance abuse comprehensive outpatient therapy (SACOT). SACOT is designed to help those with severe substance abuse issues, a history of relapses and those with ongoing mental health issues.

Using a dual disorders treatment model, SACOT provides daily support for managing substance abuse and mental health issues simultaneously. During our program, your teen will attend treatment two to four days per week after school. Frequency of attendance will be determined by the teen's progress in the program.

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